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Anti-Static Polythene

We have an anti-static polythene that prevents static build up. Our customers who work in an Electrostatic Protection Area (EPA) use this polythene as it will not generate a static charge. Another feature of this polythene is that it won’t attract dust making it ideal for assembly and packing lines.

Polythene is a natural electrical insulator with the ability to support static build up. Static is produced when one material moves over another this results in a static discharge causing shocks to the persons packing the products. In flammable environments this can also cause fires or explosions. The static generated will also cause dust to be attracted to the polythene resulting in contamination and potentially reducing the polythene’s performance.

Anti-Static additives are blended with the polymer prior to extrusion and they work by lowering the resistivity of a material mobilising the charges and preventing static build up.

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