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Polythene Bags from NPF Packaging

NPF Packaging are proud to be able to supply a number of industries with high-quality, durable polythene bags for a number of different purposes. Some of the sectors we’ve supplied our reliable packaging products to include:

  • Automotive
  • Food and catering
  • Medical
  • Textile
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

Commonly referred to as ‘plastic bags’ or ‘poly bags’, polythene bags provide the ultimate packaging solution whilst also taking up very little storage space. As a low cost, hard-wearing alternative to more conventional packaging materials, polythene bags are looked to by an abundance of industries from a variety of different trades, all thanks to the wide range of choice we have available.

The polythene bags we’re able to supply our customers include:

  • Clear, transparent polythene bags
  • Opaque poly bags
  • Tinted polythene bags
  • Printed poly bags
  • Specialist polythene bags

What are the benefits of clear, coloured, printed and specialist polythene bags?

The differences between the aforementioned poly bag types might seem obvious and straightforward to begin with, but there are actually many benefits that some polythene bags offer that others don’t, enabling us to meet your needs no matter what industry you work in.

The benefits of clear, opaque, tinted, printed and specialist polythene bags are as follows:

Benefits of clear polythene bags

  • Protect against dust and moisture
  • Your product to be viewed through the polythene
  • Sanitary way of storing or packaging consumable items
  • You needn’t remove the item from the packaging to inspect the product wrapped up inside

Benefits of coloured polythene bags

  • Provides you with a unique, distinctive appearance
  • Plastic parts can be identified quickly should you work in the construction, manufacturing or engineering industry
  • Cross-contamination will be prevented in a food processing plant and so is paramount to health and safety practices in that sector
  • Products can be categorised with ease, no matter what industry you work in

Benefits of opaque polythene bags

  • Hide the contents of the bag, such as medical waste
  • It provides a contrasting background to make your brand or logo stand out on the packaging

Benefits of printed polythene bags

  • Product and safety information can be displayed in a clear, effective manner
  • Company logos and even recycling instructions will stand out
  • Warning notices can be easily read and received

Benefits of specialist polythene bags

  • Stronger than a standard polythene bag
  • Aggregates can be stored in a specialist polythene bag
  • Products can be stored in a specialist polythene bag for long periods of time and even in direct sunlight
  • Contents will be protected at all times once inside
  • Products can be slipped into these bags with absolute ease
  • Heavy items inside the bags can be effectively stored and shipped on pallets as they won’t slide off during transit

Polythene bags we have available

As well as transparent, coloured, printed and specialist polythene bags, we’re also able to offer a choice of different thicknesses and strengths, including:

Ultra-light poly bags – these are available in sizes from 19mm to 9600mm, with thicknesses from 8mu to 300mu. We’re even able to send you samples should you request them as well as a bespoke packaging design service. In addition to that, printed options and tailored polymer blends are also available in order to seamlessly meet your requirements.

Light-duty poly bags – the sizes and thicknesses available are the same as above. That, together with fast lead times, low minimum order quantities and merchant pricing and bulk order discounts are also an option, making for a highly-convenient, reliable service for all.

Medium-duty poly bags – ranging in size from 19mm to 9600mm, together with thicknesses available anywhere between 8mu and 300mu, you’ll be able to benefit from our medium-duty poly bags. You’ll also be able to take advantage of personal, direct contact for all sales and enquiries, as well as stock holding facilities and a free, bespoke packaging design service.

Heavy-duty poly bags – perfect for heavy or robust materials, especially those used within the construction, manufacturing and engineering industries, heavy-duty poly bags will help operations run smoothly. Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, we’ll have an option that’ll effortlessly meet your needs when you choose heavy-duty poly bags for NPF Packaging.

Super heavy-duty poly bags – ideal for aggregate materials or large, bulky products that need to be shipped on pallets, these super heavy-duty poly bags are perfect for those looking to bag-up and transport materials that’ll otherwise rip through a conventional plastic bag. Don’t get caught out – opt for a super heavy-duty poly bag from our experts.

How can NPF Packaging help you?

You can request a sample from a member of our friendly, professional team to make sure that our polythene bags are right for you and your operations. Our recycled polythene is affordable, clean, odourless and remarkably eco-friendly, making it the ultimate choice when it comes to durable, reliable packaging materials.

NPF Packaging have been offering our customers advice and guidance about the bespoke polythene bags we supply since 1968. So if you’d like to talk through your options with one of our knowledgeable, highly-experienced team members, then contact us today for more information – we’d love to hear from you.