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Polythene is an extremely popular material when it comes to packaging. From polythene bags, sheets and liners to polythene covers, films and additives, we’ll have a polythene packaging product that’s right for you, no matter what sector or industry you work in. Designed with durability in mind, polythene will protect your products from dust, dirt and moisture exposure, so you’ll always be able to count on this particular material to keep your goods safe and secure from the elements.

Polythene Packaging Products from NPF Packaging

Polythene is beneficial for a number of different reasons, regardless of what it is you need polythene packaging for.

Polythene is affordable – as a strong, durable product, polythene can be extruded at thin gauges whilst also providing an incredibly high level of protection.

Polythene is versatile – used specifically to wrap and package a wide variety of items and products, polythene can be extruded from a number of different thicknesses, ranging from a thin 8mu (0.008mm) film, used most commonly by the food industry as a physical, sanitary barrier, right up to 250mu (0.25mm) thick film, which is mostly used in the construction industry.

Polythene can be transparent – typically, polythene is clear, making it an incredibly popular packaging material in the food and catering industry. However, during the extrusion process, colours and additives can be added to boost the polythene’s appearance and performance, should this be something you’d like to request. Here is a list of our most common additives.

What are the different polythene formats?

Polythene comes in a number of different formats, making it a highly-flexible, versatile packaging material. Those formats include:

Layflat Tubing (LFT)

Layflat tubing is a continuous polythene packaging tube that’s often supplied in the form of a roll and wound onto cardboard cores. It’s carefully manufactured by melting polythene granules and blowing the molten polythene through a die into polythene tubing. The tubing is then cooled and wound onto a cardboard core. Whilst this is happening, cuts and folds can be made in order to form polythene sheeting or polythene wrap.

Centrefold Sheeting (CFS)

Centrefold sheeting is a roll of polythene packaging that opens out to form a sheet that’s twice the width of the roll. It’s manufactured by slitting the polythene tube down the centre, vertically, to form two separate polythene sheets. These sheets are then carefully wound onto cardboard cores.

Double Wound Sheeting (DWS)

Double wound sheeting consists of two flat polythene sheets that are meticulously wound onto a roll. It’s expertly manufactured by trimming the edges off a polythene tube, which will then leave two layers of flat polythene that are then tightly wrapped around the core.

Single Wound Sheeting (SWS)

This, simply, is a flat polythene sheet wound onto a roll. It’s manufactured by cutting the edges off a polythene tube. In turn, this will leave two separate layers of flat polythene that will then be split and professionally wound onto the cardboard cores.

Gusseted Layflat (GLFT)

This is a polythene packaging tube that, when opened, forms a four-sided prism – essentially, a square tube. Due to the shape of the tube, items can be effortlessly slipped into it for absolute ease and simplicity.

Gusseted layflat is manufactured in much the same way as layflat tubing, but instead, it’s run through two separate boards that will fold the sides of the polythene in on itself. The gusseted tubing is then cooled and tightly cardboard wound onto a core.

Multi-Fold Sheeting (MFS)

This is a film that’s wound onto a roll that opens out to around four times the width of the roll. It’s cleverly manufactured by slitting a gusseted polythene tube down the centre, vertically, therefore creating two separate polythene sheets. These sheets are then wound around the cardboard cores.

How can NPF Packaging help you?

NPF Packaging are proud to be able to provide our customers with expert polythene packaging solutions, including tubing, sheeting and all formats of polythene bags, sleeves, wraps and more. You’ll be able to find what you need when choosing us to supply you with the polythene packaging materials you need.

If you’d like more information about the packaging products we sell, or if you simply require advice or guidance about the materials we’re able to provide, then get in touch with a member of our team today – we’re always on hand to answer any questions you have in order to meet your requirements.