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The plastic pallet covers and sheets NPF Packaging are proud to supply have been expertly designed and manufactured with functionality and affordability in mind. We have polythene pallet covers, tops sheets and layer sheets available to ensure your palletised goods are secure and well-protected at all times, even whilst in transit.

Plastic Pallet Covers & Sheets from NPF Packaging

Used by a number of different industries, polythene plastic pallet covers and sheets will prevent your items from being contaminated by a number of things, including dust, dirt and moisture. It will also help to mitigate any damage done by scrapes or knocks, something could happen during transportation of products.

In order for the items to be delivered to your customer in top condition, much like when it left the production line, then you should consider the use of pallet covers and sheets. As well as protecting loads, they can also stabilise loads during the shipment process, ensuring they don’t shift or topple over.

All of the polythene pallet covers and sheets we have on offer are available in a number of colours, but they can also be printed on – perfect for if instructions, safety information, warning notices or even a logo needs to be displayed on the packaging. Our clients often choose this option to ensure that their items stand out from the crowd in a busy distribution facility.

Our committed team works tirelessly to ensure that, with low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround times, your stock management is made to be as simple and smooth-running as possible.

What type of plastic pallet covers and sheets are available?

We have a variety of different pallet covers and sheets available that’ll keep your palletised items secure and protected. In addition to conventional, standard pallet sheets and covers in a range of different sizes, we’re also able to offer:

Pallet bottom sheets and layer sheets – manufactured using a strong, low slip polythene, these sheets are specifically designed and produced to protect the bottom of pallets, in turn, stabilising the load that’s placed on top. This will also help to ensure that the pallets can be reused as they won’t have been damaged during the shipping or transportation process, which is also good for the environment.

Non-shrink polythene pallet covers – designed to be budget-friendly yet highly-functional, non-shrink polythene pallet covers are designed to protect and stabilise the goods that sit on top of the pallet. As well as keeping contaminants away from the palletised items, it will also protect the load from knocks and scrapes, keeping the contents in top condition, ready for your customer to receive.

Pallet top sheets – these are manufactured using a thin polythene, however, this material is also impressively strong and durable. These sheets are to be placed over the top of a pallet, therefore protecting that area should any knocks or bands occur during the transportation process. It will also stop the items at the top of the pallet from becoming loose or falling off the pallet altogether.

Shrink polythene pallet covers – using an exceptionally strong, shrink polythene, these plastic pallet covers, when shrunk, will provide a high level of protection to the contents on the pallet. The polythene will grip the load tightly, therefore stabilising and securing the items inside. In addition to security, these shrink pallet covers can always be counted upon to keep contaminants out, protecting the contents even further.

How can NPF Packaging help you?

NPF Packaging is committed to providing our customers with high-quality, robust pallet covers and sheets to ensure your loads are protected at all times. Regardless of the industry you work in, we’ll have a solution that effortlessly meets both your needs and your budget.

If you’d like more information about the polythene pallet covers and sheets we have on offer, get in touch with a member of our dedicated team today – we’re always on hand to provide expert help and guidance when you need it most.