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The polythene sheeting products we’re proud to be able to supply our customers are used across an impressive range of sectors and industries, including automotive, food and catering, medical, textiles, manufacturing, construction and engineering. Often abbreviated to ’poly film’ or ‘poly sheets’, the polythene film we have available is affordable, durable and, if bought on the roll, takes up very little space by way of storage – polythene film and sheets are around 200 times thinner than single-wall cardboard.

Polythene Centrefold Sheeting (CFS)

Polythene Centrefold Sheeting (CFS)

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Polythene Lay Flat Tubing (LFT)

Polythene Lay Flat Tubing (LFT)

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Polythene Single Wound Sheeting (SWS)

Polythene Single Wound Sheeting (SWS)

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Polythene Sheeting & Film from NPF Packaging

As an adaptable, functional alternative to more bulky, conventional and weaker packaging materials, most industries out there will count on polythene sheeting & films  to provide them with a budget-friendly, highly-effective barrier between their products and the elements, particularly when stacked. Not only will it prevent dirt, dust, moisture and other contaminants coming into contact with your goods, but it will also help to prevent damage when in transit.

The different types of polythene sheeting and film available

There are many different polythene film and sheet types available from us here at NPF Packaging, including clear, coloured, printed and specialist polythene, all used for a wide range of different applications and operations, no matter what industry you work in.

Transparent polythene film and sheets (clear polythene sheeting)

You’ll also be able to view the products that are wrapped inside transparent polythene film or sheet, something that will be particularly useful for a number of different sectors. By opting for this type of clear film, you’ll be able to:
  • Read barcodes through the polythene film
  • Identify goods whilst they’re being delivered
  • Use the film or sheet as a dust barrier, particularly on construction sites or in factories

Coloured polythene sheeting and film

Coloured polythene sheeting will give a unique, distinctive appearance when it comes to packaging your products. By choosing tinted polythene to wrap your goods up in, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Coloured polythene film or sheets are great for:

  • Identifying large or bulky parts in a vast, open space, such as a stock holding area, in an efficient, timely manner
  • Preventing cross contamination within the medical or food industry, among others
  • Categorising products that are constructed or manufactured in a warehouse

Opaque polythene sheeting and films

Opaque sheeting and films are incredibly useful should you not want your products to be seen by everyone. It’s also a durable option should the goods you’re handling be somewhat fragile or expensive. In addition to that, you’ll need opaque polythene film or sheets for a number of other reasons, including:

  • UV resistant polythene sheet helps to protect a product from damage that could be caused by direct sunlight
  • Providing a plain, contrasting background to place your brand’s logo or design on, to help it stand out from the crowd
  • Helping to protect the item from knocks and scrapes during the handling and shipping process

Printed polythene film and sheets

Printed polythene sheeting and films have the potential to display the text you require, whether it be important information, labelling the product inside the package or even for stamping your company’s logo on. You’ll be able to benefit from this type of polythene film or sheeting if you need to:

  • Display product information
  • Display safety information
  • Display recycling instructions
  • Showcase your company logo
  • Print red and white stripes on barrier type

Specialist polythene films and sheets

This particular type of polythene film and sheeting is often chosen as it performs beyond the standard properties of conventional polythene films and sheets. It’s often considered to be more thick and durable than its counterparts and so you would be idea should you need to:
  • Store goods in direct sunlight
  • Package items that need prolactin as quickly and as easily as possible
  • Have flame-retardant polythene materials on a construction site

Polythene Thickness

At NPF we supply polythene sheeting, layflat tubing and poly bags in any thickness – from 32 gauge to 1200 gauge. This thickness range is divided into distinct categories, or “duty” ranges:

  • Ultra light duty polythene – 32 gauge – 52 gauge
  • Light duty polythene – 60 gauge – 150 gauge
  • Medium duty polythene – 200 gauge – 400 gauge
  • Heavy duty polythene – 500 gauge – 800 gauge
  • Heavy/super heavy polythene – 1000 gauge
  • Super heavy duty polythene – 1200 gauge

To find out more about what thickness of polythene you might need check out our polythene thickness comparison chart here.

How can NPF Packaging help you?

We’re pleased to be able to offer polythene films and sheets that have low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround times, all in an effort for us to make your stock management as simple and as smooth-running as possible. To check that our polythene materials are right for you and your business, you’ll be able to request a sample of what we have to offer. By doing this, you’ll even be able to experience our recycled polythene, which has its own benefits within the packaging industry:
  • It’s an affordable option
  • The material is clean
  • It’s completely odourless
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • It’s medical grade
For more information about the polythene films and sheets we have available, get in touch with a member of our experienced, knowledgeable team. We have been providing our customers with high-quality packaging materials and industry advice since 1968, so you’ll always be able to count on us here at NPF Packaging.