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Polythene Machine Film

Maximise your packaging and logistics efficiency, with polythene machine films.

Our range of products is designed to meet the demands of automated and semi-automated packaging lines, as well as just-in-time logistics – providing efficiency, durability and versatility across various industries. Our polythene machine films are available as pre-made solutions for multiple applications where polythene films are applied by machine. Browse our range of machine film products below, or start your order here.

a roll of polythene machine film, neutral background

Form Fill and Seal Film

Our form fill and seal film is ideal for automated packaging systems. As well as specifying your dimensions, polythene blend and gauge, NPF Packaging allows you to customised branding – with bespoke colour matching and printing available for all machine films. Our form fill and seal film is manufactured by us in the UK, to ensure a high quality product that is well within trade tolerances.

Microperforated Film

Microperforated film has wide-ranging applications, and is perfect for packaging solutions that require controlled ventilation. Microperforated films can maintain the integrity of products and extend the shelf life of perishables, balancing dust and debris protection with airflow and moisture control.

Automated Packaging Film

Engineered for compatibility with cutting-edge automated packaging systems, our automated packaging films give you speed, accuracy and reliability. Choose your dimensions, polythene blend and the gauge of polythene you require. Apply your custom branding or printed information directly to the film – for a single, high-efficiency packaging solution.

Autobag Bags

Streamline your packaging process. Designed for Autobag bagging systems, our Autobag compatible bags are available in a massive range of sizes and thicknesses. Speed up your packaging operations by up to ten times compared to manual, with quality UK-made, high-precision Autobags.

Heat Shrink Film

Use heat shrink films to form a dust, water and tamper-proof protective barrier around your products. Ideal for bundling, pallet loading, outer packaging for boxed items, and even for packaging irregularly shaped items, heat shrink film provides a professional finish and extra safety.

Banding Film

Keep everything together. Collation and banding film offers exceptional tensile strength, for a tight and secure wrap around your products. Whether bundling items for transit or organising packages within your facility, banding film provides a simple way to secure, store and move bundled products safely.

Carpet Wrap

Protect rugs and carpets during transit or storage, with our specialised polythene carpet wrapping films. Engineered for durability and notching resistance, carpet wrap provides a highly secure protective layer for even the most delicate materials. Available in colossal widths, our carpet wrap can be specified to fit practically any size of carpet roll.

Why Choose NPF Packaging for Machine Films?

NPF Packaging has been providing our customers with high-quality packaging materials and industry advice since 1968. We are a UK polythene manufacturer, which means you get totally customisable materials – with recycled blends, food and medical grade materials, as well as a full range of additives and colour batch options.

It also means tightly-controlled standards and a high-quality finish, as well as adherence to compliance on recyclability and PPT.

We’ll make your stock management as simple and as smooth-running as possible. You’ll get quality assured polythene machine film in low minimum order quantities, and fast turnaround times – with samples available on request.

For more information about polythene machine films, get in touch with a member of our experienced, knowledgeable team – or start a custom order today.