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The Latest Fashion? Polythene Bags for Clothes

Using polythene bags for clothes is a smart choice – whether you’re an online fashion brand, a major high street retailer or a one-person startup. Polythene bags for clothes have some obvious benefits, as well as some you might not have considered.

In this post, we’ll explain why polythene bags are the go-to packaging solution for clothing, how they speed up operations, and how even the smallest online stores can benefit from using them – in a conscious, environmentally-friendly way.

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The benefits of using poly bags for clothes

There’s a long list of reasons to use polythene bags for clothes, from moisture and stain protection, to lower shipping costs and reduced overall environmental impact:

  • The lowest cost of all packaging solutions for clothing
  • Lightweight, with the cheapest shipping cost as a result
  • Completely waterproof when heat sealed (no stains)
  • Tear resistant
  • Can be reused when sending clothes back
  • 100% recycled, and recyclable
  • Smallest carbon footprint


Polythene bags for clothes are generally supplied clear for retail use, for easier cataloguing and so that customers can see what product is inside. Shirts, for example, are often packaged in polythene bags with a specific fold, showing off the details of the garment inside.

But polythene shipping bags can be used for online clothing retailers, which are usually opaque to visible and UV light, concealing the goods inside.

Other benefits include printability; poly bags for clothing can be coloured, printed and branded to exact specifications. This reinforces brand identity, and cuts the printing costs of care instructions and company information.

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Also, warning labels are required for any packaging that presents a choking or suffocation hazard to small children and animals. It’s advisable to consider printing warnings directly on the bag, rather than using labels that can wash off, stain or tear away in transit.

Using polythene bags to package clothes has another side benefit: speed.

Packaging operations can be dramatically scaled, manually and with automation, when bags are used.

A faster packaging system for clothing

When manufacturers package clothing in polythene for distribution, this is generally done in an automated process. Machines can use polythene film roll or polythene LFT to create custom packaging for different types of garments, folded and sealed on a production line.

Polythene bags can also be used by automated packing machines, for uniform shapes and sizes of clothing: like t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, with very high rates of packing.

For small-scale t-shirt printers and startup online fashion retailers, automation isn’t generally an option. But, using polythene bags for clothing packaging – including as postage bags – can significantly speed up packaging operations.

For manual packaging processes, polythene bags on a roll represent the best value to time trade-off. They’re extremely easy to use as part of a packaging workstation, with perforations between each bag on the roll, and can be heat sealed for a professional finish. With custom colours, printing and branding, they’ll also strengthen your brand along the entirety of each product’s journey – through the logistics and postage phase, right up to the moment it arrives in your customer’s hands.

How to use polythene bags for clothes for manual packaging

The secret is in the fold.

The aim is to minimise creasing, while getting the clothing as flat as possible, ready for bagging.

You can buy garment folders on Amazon to add to your packaging workstation, or you can learn speedy clothes folding techniques on YouTube. If your clothing products are printed or modified, you might want to take extra precautions: applying tissue paper between the folds of items of clothing where a print has been applied, or where buttons or zips are attached.

Once you’ve got the garment folded, simply pop it into your polythene bag and seal it up.

Polythene bags for clothes

Our polythene bags for clothes can be made to any spec you need – suitable for small and fully automated clothing packaging operations. Available recyclable or recycled, with branding, colour and print options available, for an all-in-one packaging and shipping solution for clothing.

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