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Why Printed Polythene Bags are Good for Business

We might all live in a digital world, but print is far from dead. In fact, it’s one of the most important ways of communicating in the offline world – and you’d be hard pressed to find a brand or company that doesn’t still use printed materials, especially when it comes to packaging.

At NPF Packaging, we’ve been supplying our customers with printed polythene bags and polythene packaging for as long as we can remember. And printed polythene is more popular than ever. Let’s explain why.

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Reasons to use printed polythene packaging for business

Polythene is an amazing packaging material. Versatile, strong, lightweight and protective, it’s perfect for packaging everything from food to furniture.

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The best part? Polythene is printable and tintable – meaning fully customisable branding. This has so many benefits when using poly bags as part of your packaging solution, including total ownership of your brand.


More than anything else, your brand is the foundational pillar of all your marketing. It’s how you connect with your customers and make a lasting impression. With generic packaging, that connection starts later than it could (or should!).

Printed polythene packaging shows off your brand from the first moment of contact, with your logo and key messaging front and centre. It makes your packaging jump out as exclusively yours – recognisable and memorable. It’ll be noticed at every step of the logistics chain, too, building a bigger base of potential customers along the way.

And importantly, it protects your business and your product, by making it easy to spot counterfeiting and tampering.

Customer first

With your website and contact details clearly displayed on printed polythene bags, you’re making it easy for your customer to reorder exactly what they need when they run out. With usage instructions, ingredients or important information printed directly onto the polythene, you’re giving them exactly what they need at the point of use, too.

Printed polythene puts the customer first, and provides greater convenience to them than generic packaging. This builds trust in your brand and can start a lasting relationship.

Low cost

Compared to other kinds of branded packaging, printed polythene bags are relatively cheap. Plus, without the need for additional printed manuals, usage instructions or care labels, the savings are extended even further.

Better for the environment (a final brand boost)

Plastic packaging has an awful reputation when it comes to pollution. We’ve discussed this in our blog before, where, on balance, the evidence still supports recycled plastic packaging over biodegradable plastic overall.

Our printable polythene packaging is made from fully recyclable material, and recycled polythene can be specified for your packaging needs, too. We urge all of our customers to recycle their polythene packaging where possible – find a business plastic recycling service near you.

Recycled materials aren’t always cheaper, although they can be. Sometimes, recycling companies will pay to take your recyclable plastics away. But the true benefit isn’t a financial one, it’s an ethical one.

If that’s not motivating enough, then consider this: recycling your packaging can support your business by demonstrating a commitment to the environment – and that’s an important factor to consider if your customers value eco-friendly solutions.

Printing your green credentials and how your packaging is managed on your polythene is a further marker of trust. And so it should be, because as forward-thinking businesses that want to remain sustainable for the long-term, we need to think beyond today’s packaging needs, and into the legacy we’ll leave behind.

Let’s not let our customers – or ourselves – down. Let’s all continue to recycle, and aim to close the loop on plastic packaging.

Leave your mark – with bespoke printed polythene bags

Get your business noticed for all the right reasons. Add custom, fully recyclable printed polythene bags to your packaging solutions, and start building even more trust in your brand. Call our friendly team on 01773 820415 for advice and help with your polythene packaging, or get a quote now.