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Poly Bags for Shipping: Using Polythene Postage Bags

Anyone who’s ordered a t-shirt or a dress (or any other soft, lightweight item off the internet) has probably experienced polythene postage bags. Poly bags for shipping are widely used for internal packaging, too – but their rise in use for postage isn’t unexpected.

Polythene postage bags are lighter and smaller than cardboard, making them easier to post through letter boxes, cheaper to transport and easier to store. Polythene is a remarkably versatile material, and because it can be customised with tints, prints and branding, postal services are handling more and more of them. Thankfully, polythene postage bags can be recycled – and due to their light weight and small form factor, they represent an economical and ecological packaging solution.

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When to use polythene postage bags

Polythene postage bags can be used in a variety of ways, or in conjunction with other packaging. For example – loose components and smaller, already bagged items can be put inside a single postage bag. Multiple small boxes can be bound and bagged in a similar way, forming one parcel instead of many, reducing your postage and packaging costs. Or, larger boxes can be bagged in opaque polythene for discretion and security.

However, the most common use for polythene postage bags is to ship clothing, with no additional packaging required. Poly bags offer ample protection from tearing and moisture – and when tinted, conceal the contents of the package. Adhesive postage labels are easy to apply, and make the logistics process more streamlined.

Other lightweight, soft items can be posted in them as long as there’s no risk of crushing, which would normally be prevented by a box.

Polythene bags are extremely easy to use, too – especially in manual packaging lines. Rather than taking time out of your operation to build and prepare boxes, products can be bagged and sealed on the fly. Self-sealing and grip seal bags can be specified, or a heat sealer can be used for a professional, watertight and tamper-proof finish.

We already know that tinted bags can conceal your items, but if required, special polythene additives can also offer protection from visible and UV light that may damage the items with prolonged exposure. And that’s only the start of the protection on offer, which brings us to another major advantage of poly bags for shipping; printing and branding.

The benefits of branded poly bags

Protecting your brand should always be a business priority. Printed polythene postage bags make your brand unmistakable, with your logo and key facts on display. Returns, care or customer services information can be printed directly on the bag – reducing additional printed material costs and giving customers instant access to what they need. And as a plus, branding makes fakes and tampering easier to spot.

Poly bags for shipping

Even if your product needs additional protection, polythene bags are still likely to be useful in your packaging process. For example, custom-made polythene bags on a roll can be implemented in automated or manual packaging lines, to bag products or components before boxing.

Take delicate electronics, for example. It’s common to find a combination of polystyrene and cardboard in electronic device packaging, because it provides good impact resistance for delicate components during shipping. But if an impact does occur in transit, the polystyrene can disintegrate. A polythene bag wrapped around the product ensures no pieces of polystyrene enter the product through vents or gaps, helping the protective packaging fulfil its purpose.

If the polythene bag is sealed around the product with a heat sealer, it can provide additional moisture protection, too.

Not bad for a lightweight, cost-effective and fully recyclable packaging solution!

Need Poly Bags for Shipping and Postage?

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