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Large Polythene Bags: Just How BIG are We Talking?

So, we actually already covered this in a previous post – Large Polythene Bags – Take It To The Limit! And in that post, we technically answered the question; the largest effective width of large polythene bags is 9.6 metres, and with welds and gussets, large polythene bags could (in theory) be extended until the world ran out of polythene.

Since then, we’ve been thinking… Some applications could actually benefit from long narrow bags more than simply making the whole thing bigger. And actually, large polythene bags might not always be the right answer at all.

But when they are, it’s important to think about what’s going in there. Large polythene bags can be made with any gauge or blend of polythene, but bigger things are generally heavier – and this calls for heavy duty polythene more often than not.

So, how big are we talking? Let’s explore the possibilities for large polythene bags.


Image of a tape measure, for measuring large polythene bags, photographed against a textured orange background.


The uses for large polythene bags

Basically, you can bag anything in polythene (if you’ve got enough money and the right permission!).

Feel like bagging Big Ben? No big deal, Christo… as long as you’ve got a scaffold, helicopter, an absolutely massive crane, and a full crew to do your bidding. And permission. And security. Oh and of course, you’ll need a polythene manufacturer to actually make the gigantic bag for you…

You could bag a nuclear submarine, or an elephant, or your house. The only limit is your imagination (and your budget, the law – minor details!).

The thing is, if you genuinely need large polythene bags, you need them to be useful. Bagging monuments and military hardware is all fun and games, but what would a business need such a big bag for?

Well, as it turns out, quite a few things. We’ve already discussed their uses as furniture bags, koi transportation bags and for packaging unusual items – but there’s so much more hiding in that giant bag of possibilities.

Large polythene bags for bulk storage

Giant polythene bags are ideal for storing large quantities of smaller materials – like grains, seeds, fertilisers and construction aggregates. They provide a cost-effective and space-efficient way to keep bulk goods protected and organised, and can be safer than silos.

It’s unconventional, but it’s just whacky enough to work. Super heavy duty large polythene bags should be prescribed for this, to deal with the weight – even if the bag isn’t going to be moved. The polythene should also be blended with UV inhibitors if it’s going to be stored outside.

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When goods (like those listed above) need to be transported in bulk, oversized and large polythene bags are secure and convenient. They can be loaded onto trucks, ships or trains, ensuring efficient handling and minimising the risk of spillage during transit. Polythene adds minimal weight to the overall package, even when extremely thick and large bags are used, and allows bulky goods to be moved uncovered when properly treated. For better loading stability, large gusseted bags should be used.

Construction and landscaping

In the construction and landscaping industries, large polythene bags are often used for holding soil, gravel, sand, mulch, backfill – and any other materials you’re likely to find on site. They can be easily transported and provide temporary yet effective containment. Super heavy duty bags are resistant to notching, even at large scales, making them useful for aggregate and backfill storage.

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Large-scale modern farming operations often rely on large polythene bags, which serve loads of purposes on farms these days. Large polythene bags are used for storing harvested crops, protecting them from pests and the elements, as temporary silage storage for animal feed – and as grow bags.

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Large polythene bags could even be used as greenhouse covers – like miniature polytunnels – with the proper support in place, to create controlled environments for plant growth. These help regulate temperature and humidity, while protecting crops from bad weather.

Emergency and disaster response

This is a big one that often gets overlooked.

In emergencies, the speed of response matters. During disaster relief efforts, giant polythene bags are the best way to get supplies like food, water and medical equipment to disaster-stricken areas. Another key benefit to large polythene bags, especially at larger scales, is that they can be repurposed into temporary shelters and emergency storage – with minimal additional materials. 

Waste management

Yep, that’s right. Large polythene bags can even be used as industrial-grade bin bags, for collecting and disposing of enormous volumes of waste and recyclables. Size and strength would be key here – you wouldn’t want a giant bin bag leaking, the normal ones are bad enough!


Industries that produce or process large items (textiles, carpets, furniture etc.) often require large polythene bags for packaging and protecting goods during storage or transit. We even use them ourselves sometimes!

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