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NPF Packaging: a UK Polythene Manufacturer

Not everyone knows this, but NPF Packaging is actually one of the only UK polythene manufacturers. In fact, the name NPF stands for “Narrow Polythene Films”, and has done since the company was founded by Stan Hardman in 1968 – when he spotted a gap in the market for professional quality yet affordable packaging materials.

Back then, Stan was something of a visionary. He had extensive experience in the polythene industry, and seized an opportunity to launch a packaging company – just as bags and films exploded in demand. Ten years after launching Narrow Polythene Films, Stan’s son Derrick joined the company. And we have been a family company ever since.

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Derrick’s addition began a new era of expansion and innovation at NPF – and the father-son team invested in more staff, extrusion lines and advanced bag-making machinery.

Today, NPF Packaging extrudes its own polythene film and sheeting, right here in the UK. We also own and operate a multitude of polythene bag making equipment, with the ability to skirt side weld, bottom weld and side weld custom-made polythene bags. As well as this, NPF Packaging owns what might be the only machinery to manufacture pre-opened bags on a roll in the whole of the UK.

And this is great news – not just for UK manufacturing and the economy at large, but for our customers.

We pride ourselves on trust, and being able to provide a premium product with exceptional service. By making our own packaging materials, we are not only able to craft totally bespoke packaging solutions, but we are able to control quality very tightly, reducing wastage and cost.

The biggest advantage is that we have knowledge, expertise and impeccable customer service on our side – so you can count on NPF Packaging when you need us the most.


A bubble of polythene film being blown at UK polythene manufacturer, NPF Packaging. The image shows the bubble fully formed, being rolled and prepared to be made to specification. This is an early phase of the polythene manufacturing process – before rolling into layflat tubing or cutting into polythene sheeting.


Why choose a UK polythene manufacturer?

The last word here at NPF Packaging is quality. Our commitment to quality is reflected by the stringent standards upheld in the UK. Few countries in the world offer the kind of customer protections and quality assurances that the UK does. We are rigorous in meeting these standards, and are totally transparent about our trade tolerances for polythene products.

Plus – we know a thing or two about the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), and can advise customers on the best route towards compliance.

Being a UK manufacturer also allows NPF Packaging to provide fully customised packaging solutions. We can mix the masterbatch as you need, offering any colour of polythene you can imagine – from crystal clear to opaque black polythene, and anything in between. We can add polythene additives for UV resistance, create anti static polythene – or create new blends based on your specifications.

And we can do this with quicker turnarounds, thanks to our adaptability and agility. Proximity to your market ensures quicker delivery, and gives you a significant advantage – especially with time-sensitive packaging and just-in-time logistics.

Often in life, the old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” rings true. At NPF Packaging, our goal is to get your polythene packaging right every time – but at a cost that can rival even the very cheapest offshore polythene manufacturers. Thanks to our decades of investment and experience, we’re able to remain competitive.

Environmental and economic responsibility

Environmental issues around plastic are hotly debated – but we simply cannot live in a world without plastic. Still, by operating in the UK, we have a commitment to environmental responsibility. NPF Packaging embraces true sustainability, not greenwashing or scapegoating – and to do this, we provide either fully recyclable material, or work with recycled blends.

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Choosing a UK manufacturer like NPF Packaging also contributes to the growth of your local economy. That means more jobs, stronger local communities – and more resilience and skill in British industry.

Get polythene from the source

NPF Packaging is a UK-based polythene manufacturer. We’ve been making polythene layflat tubing and polythene bags since Stan Hardman founded the company in 1968 – and we continue his pursuit for the highest quality UK-made polythene packaging, at excellent prices. Get a quote now, or call us on 01773 820415.