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Polythene Packaging for High Value Products

High end packaging is more than just fancy boxes and beautiful bags. It’s an artform – with a function.

This is a level of packaging that only exists to make a person feel a certain way. It’s a massive part of the buying experience, and one that consumers expect to be flawless; it needs to be satisfying, sleek, and just as enjoyable as using the product for the first time. This makes it uniquely difficult to get right, which is why there are often entire teams devoted to designing and procuring high end packaging, for all manner of products.

But it’s companies like us – packaging manufacturers – who do the work. And we have to work to tight specifications and tolerances, as well as expectations. It’s engineering, it’s art, it’s science, it’s negotiation… It’s a lot of work. But it’s absolutely incredible work, and some of the most rewarding jobs in packaging are when we get to work on these edge cases and standout packaging solutions.

So, let’s explore how tailored polythene packaging can elevate the experience – and enhance the protection of high value items.


Photograph of a gold detailed Oris watch, closeup. The watch is resting on its side, on a wooden table. The background is out of focus, but daylight is visibly reflected in the glass of the watch face.


Unique products have unique needs

High end packaging comes in as many shapes and sizes as you can think of (and often a lot that you hadn’t thought of yet!).

Before any kind of  packaging design happens, designers and packaging makers need to understand the product – and the kind of person who’s going to buy it. Are we protecting delicate electronic components from static? Or are we shielding luxury clothing from moisture and dust? What does the person opening the packaging expect from the experience?

Only a tailored polythene packaging solution can answer these questions – and in high end packaging design, this is elementary stuff.

Thankfully, polythene packaging is incredibly versatile when it comes to the design phase. Polythene can be customised to fit the shape and size of practically any product perfectly – with formable films, layflat tubing or custom welded bags. This tailored approach not only gets you a snug fit, but it also enhances the visual appeal of the packaging. It’s just one step towards creating a premium unboxing experience for the customer at the other end.

High value products need higher levels of protection

In the world of luxury goods, maintaining product integrity is non-negotiable. Nobody’s going to appreciate moisture damage, dust ingress, scratched surfaces or any other kind of imperfection on their expensive new purchase.

This is brand-killing territory. If enough people have the same bad experiences with your packaging, you gain a reputation for it. And that’s hard to shake.

Polythene packaging offers excellent protection against external elements – like moisture, dust, scratches and impacts. It can be custom blended with additives for UV resistance, antistatic properties, and can even be made more slippery or grippy for the right feel in the hand as the product slides in and out.

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Performance is everything – but it can’t be at the cost of looks. Not at this level.

Aesthetics matter

High value products come in customer-facing packaging that has the same premium appeal as the product itself. All polythene packaging at the luxury end should be customised with brand colours and printed branding elements – to create a complete visual identity at every touchpoint. This kind of appealing presentation really resonates with customers, and shows that you care about details.

When you get into the luxury space, it’s the little details that add up very quickly. Every time you go the extra mile, you get closer to the moon.

But it’s still not enough to stop here. We’re in an eco-conscious market, and often those with the most spending power are the ones who sway design and packaging choices. Sustainability is now a key area in packaging design – and it’s a look, too.

It can be hard to justify that look when a lot of the time, it’s just greenwashing, plain and simple.

Sustainability concerns

Sustainability is a top priority for lots of customers, including in the high end product space. And if it’s a priority for customers, it’s a priority for brands. Polythene packaging might seem at odds with sustainability goals – but recycled materials exist for this very reason, and a lot of the time, alternatives to plastic end up being worse for the environment.

We have spent a lot of time discussing how plastic is a scapegoat for the climate crisis and how polythene has actually made the world better. And of course, how the solution for plastic pollution won’t come from consumers.

But there’s only so much education that can be given on the matter at our end. It’s down to brands to become more transparent and open about their packaging. After all, authenticity is what high end products are all about. If your product is the real deal, then your communications around packaging should be, too.

A tailored approach to packaging

By partnering with experienced packaging manufacturers, high end product designers can develop custom polythene packaging solutions that meet the unique requirements of their industry and target market. This is how innovations in packaging happen – adding new, unusual elements to the packaging process.

And by tailoring your polythene packaging, you get full alignment with product, brand and operations. This gives you efficient packaging that streamlines your logistics and minimises environmental impact.

But you also get to control the perception of the brand at more key moments in the product life cycle. Packaging is the first point of physical contact between a customer and a product – and the polythene we make is often in direct contact with the product: the final layer of protection before the customer touches the thing they’ve paid for.

To have the kind of attention to detail that goes as far as using the right weight and texture of polythene only serves to enhance brand perception. Little details like this leave a lasting impression on customers, long after the unboxing experience.

And that’s kind of what it all boils down to. The experience. The look and feel, the satisfaction of a material folding just right between the fingers. The way the final layer of packaging effortlessly slides the product out. The colours, the printing – and of course, the perfectly packaged and protected thing inside.

When it comes to high value, it pays to have high attention to detail. And that’s what we do best.

Protective polythene packaging for valuable products

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