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Custom Black Polythene Bags – The Possibilities and Uses

Black polythene bags are a versatile and practical solution for lots of applications. And it’s not just opacity; black polythene bags have branding options and temperature control capabilities that make them indispensable for business and industrial use.

Custom black polythene bags are used for everything from mailer bags, to grow bags in farming and agriculture. And in this post, we’ll look beyond the bag – into all the potential uses for bespoke black polythene bags. First up, let’s cover the obvious benefit of black polythene bags – opacity.


Black polythene bag closeup on a white background


Opacity for concealing items

One of the primary advantages of black polythene bags is their opacity. This characteristic makes them ideal for concealing the contents within, making them a popular choice for polythene bags for shipping, where discretion is required. Black postage bags provide an added layer of security and privacy during transit, and if items are to be left unattended at delivery. The opacity can also shield the items within from the effects of sunlight, and of course, being polythene, bags offer exceptional moisture and dust protection.

Branding and styling

Custom black polythene bags present excellent branding opportunities. If black is a core brand colour, additional printing with whiteout logos, web addresses and other assets will solidify your brand presence – even as far as the outermost packaging layer. Even if black isn’t a core colour, it can make other colours pop visually; especially yellows, oranges and lighter greens. Use this to your advantage to make a mark.

Temperature control

In certain industries, temperature control is crucial to maintaining the quality and integrity of products. Black polythene absorbs heat from infrared light, which makes it great for temperature-sensitive applications – especially for curing concrete and in agriculture.

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These thermal properties help regulate internal temperatures, and black polythene bags are widely used as grow bags. Black polythene bags for agricultural use must use UV inhibitor additives, in order to survive exposure to sunlight. UV light from the sun breaks polythene down, making it brittle.

Customisation options – colours, sizes and gauge

What makes a bespoke black polythene bag? Well, we offer a wide range of customisation options – including various shades of black! That’s right, “black” as we see it is actually “grey”, as some portion of the visual light spectrum is always reflected by even the darkest material. We can control this with a custom blended masterbatch, to get any shade from a deep piano black to a slate colour.

Custom black polythene bags from us can be made in sizes from a tiny 19mm up to a colossal 9.6 metres wide – allowing you to bag up a double decker bus, if you wanted to. The gauge (or thickness) of the polythene can also be tailored to meet different durability and strength demands. 

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Additives and custom polymer blends

To further enhance the functionality of black polythene bags, we can use additives and custom polymer blends that make the polythene better for its intended purpose. We’ve already discussed UV inhibitors – but other additives like anti static agents can be used. Anti static polythene prevents the buildup of static electricity, making bags suitable for electronic components or sensitive equipment. We can also create black polythene bags with custom levels of recycled material, to match ecological and functionality goals.

Custom order your bespoke black polythene bags

Custom black polythene bags offer a world of possibilities for industry and business. Whether you need mailing bags that safeguard sensitive contents, branded bags for promotional purposes or specialised black polybags for temperature-sensitive applications, bespoke black polythene bags are a great solution.

Let NPF Packaging design and deliver your custom black polythene bags – with your chosen polymer blend, functional additives and custom branding. 

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