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All Wrapped Up? Using Polythene Bags for Christmas Packaging

We can’t believe how quickly the year’s flown by, but here we go again: it’s Christmas! Well – it’s close enough for anyone in business to be thinking about how they’re going to ship everything on time this year.

If you were one of the brave souls who started their entrepreneurial journey last year, you’ve probably already experienced the thrills (read stresses) of the Christmas rush. The good news is, all that experience is going to add up this year, and you’ll at least be prepared for what’s to come.

We’ve got some help on hand, too, with some neat ideas to speed up your packaging operations and make things a little more streamlined – by using polythene bags for Christmas packaging.

Christmas gift wrapped in brown paper with white and red string

How to speed up your packaging operations

If you haven’t already, make your Christmas delivery packaging operations faster: set up a packaging workstation. This is simpler than it sounds, and just means that you’ll have everything you need to wrap, box and prepare your products for delivery within easy reach. Everyone’s packaging needs are different, but your packaging workstation might include a workbench with the following items:


  • Polythene bags on a roll
  • Polythene sheeting or LFT dispenser
  • Heat sealer
  • Storage for pre-made boxes
  • A dispenser for void fillers
  • Tape gun
  • Label printer


Of course, it all depends on what you’re shipping. You might not even need boxes or void fillers if you’re selling clothing – you could simply use poly bags for shipping, with postage labels applied directly to the postage bag.

Polythene bags: the fastest way to pack your goods?

If your items are all uniformly sized, or you don’t need the sizing flexibility of LFT, you could consider using polythene bags for inner packaging, too. Poly bags offer the same great protection as other types of polythene sheeting, but with the added convenience of being ready-made.

You can still use a heat sealer to package your items inside a polythene bag, to provide a clean look and watertight protection, before boxing or applying outer packaging. Or, you can simply tuck and tape the open end of the bag before boxing up.

Polythene bags make production lines shorter and faster, and this is crucial for small teams working at peak times (like the Christmas period). Polythene bags on a roll can make packaging operations even quicker and easier – because they’re super easy to dispense from a roll. They can be especially convenient if you’re on a team of one!

Polythene bags won’t be the right solution for everyone’s Christmas packaging operations; polythene sheeting is still the most versatile packaging solution for packing many different kinds, sizes and shapes of product. But poly bags can be specified in almost any width and length, so you could choose to cater to a single product line or have a few different widths and lengths for your whole range – it really depends on how much space you have available, and whether it would just be easier to quickly make up packaging with CFS or SWS.

Of course, once your business has blossomed into a worldwide, multi million-pound enterprise, you’ll probably be able to forget all about it and invest in an automated packaging line!

Customised polythene bags

As well as speeding up your Christmas packaging operations, you can add some festive flair to your packaging with customised polythene bags. Customised polythene postage bags can be made with festive colours and prints, to spread a little cheer to your customers (and delivery drivers!) while they’re handling your parcel.

If you’re planning on using polythene bags for inner packaging, you can make your product and brand stand out even more with custom colours, branding and printing options. We can print on opaque, tinted or even clear bags, helping you reduce reliance on printed information or care instructions. This doesn’t just help lower costs – it cuts steps out of your packaging production line and makes your operations faster.

Wrap up your Christmas packaging before it’s too late!

Looking for a speedy way to streamline your packaging operations for the Christmas rush? Order customised polythene bags for your Christmas deliveries. Call our friendly team on 01773 820415 for advice and help – or get a quote now.