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Polythene Bags on a Roll: What You Need to Know

Polythene bags on a roll are a super convenient way to package just about anything. They come in a massive range of sizes – from small enough to wrap fresh cookies sold at a market, to big enough to package large pieces of furniture. Because they come on a roll, dispensing them is easy; and with coreless options, they can be used in manual packaging operations or with automated processes.

But what are the ins and outs of polythene bags on a roll – and what should you know before you use them in your packaging solution?

hands holding polythene bags on a roll used for packaging cookies

How are polythene bags on a roll made?

All polythene sheeting, films and bags start life in the same way – as layflat tubing.

To make LFT, polythene pellets are melted down in a chamber, until they’re a pliable, jam-like consistency. The hot, jammy polythene is then extruded through a circular die into a crude tube. From here, fans blow into the tube, to “inflate” the polythene – and it rises upwards to make a bubble.

The top of the bubble is allowed to cool once it gets to the desired width and thickness, before rollers flatten the polythene to make layflat tubing. Now, it can be used as LFT, or cut into single wound sheeting, centrefold sheeting or made into polythene bags on a roll.

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Simple polythene bags on a roll are achieved by running the layflat tubing through another machine. This one heat seals and perforates the LFT at regular intervals, specific to the desired bag size. After each seal, the perforations make it easy to tear the bag off – while allowing them to stay attached in a long line and wound into a roll. The roll can be coreless, or wound onto a core for dispensers and automated packaging operations.

What size of polythene bag do I need?

For flat items and pieces of clothing, you can usually specify a length and width just over that of your product (by a couple of cm), to ensure a good fit. The same goes for cylindrical or narrow sections, where you just have to make sure you cover the diameter of the product, with a little wiggle room.

But if you’re using polythene bags on a roll to fill with loose product, or for packaging larger items, you should choose a gusseted option.

Gusseted polythene bags on a roll

Gusseted polythene bags on a roll are made with folds made along the length of the bag, which allow it to open out wider. This is useful for packaging boxy or bulky items, or if the bags are to be filled with loose material – like small foodstuffs. Gusseted poly bags are easier to fill without stretching and stuffing, while non-gusseted poly bags are better for narrow cylindrical shapes, flat profiles or folded items of clothing.

Tinting, printing and branding

Like all of our polythene packaging products, we can provide a range of polythene additives and blends in your polythene bags on a roll. UV protection, custom opacity, freezer compatibility – anything you need. This makes them applicable to just about any use case – from food and clothing to delicate perishables.

We’re also able to apply bespoke colours, branding and printing to your polythene packaging, to make it unmistakably yours.

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