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All The Small Things – The Benefits of Small Polythene Bags

In a world of Big Macs with large fries, skyscrapers, and Range Rovers taller than a giraffe, the small things in life tend to get overshadowed. Bigger is better, so they say. But to us, the world of the very small is where the magic happens…

It’s where all the detail is – and where little mistakes can cost you big. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of packaging. Because, when you shrink things down, tolerances become more important. And if you’re still using big bags for small jobs, you could be wasting more than just money.

Find out why choosing the right-sized packaging is vital to business success – and why sometimes, you might need more than one size of polythene bag to operate at maximum efficiency.

Let’s dive into the miniature world of small polythene bags.


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Right-sized packaging: bigger isn’t always best

Choosing the right size of packaging is a crucial consideration, and not just for upfront costs. Small polythene bags have several compelling advantages over bigger bags.

1. Costs – at all stages

It seems obvious, but smaller bags require less material to manufacture, and so they tend to cost less off the bat. But they’re also cheaper to ship, easier to store – and more effective at protecting items in their size range. If you consistently use larger bags to package small items, you might find yourself spending more on packaging than necessary, and dealing with more returns. Small polythene bags help you optimise your budget and your product yields.

2. Environmental benefits

Minimising waste is a global concern. So it’s good that using smaller bags reduces the amount of plastic used – but the weight reduction (albeit tiny) also adds up over time in every single delivery, over the lifetime of your production cycle. From getting bags from your suppliers to your final delivery, small polythene bags that fit correctly chip away at your carbon and ecological footprint.

3. Enhanced visibility

Small polythene bags offer better visibility of the contents within. When your items are clearly visible through the packaging, it simplifies inventory management and helps customers identify the contents quickly. It’s especially beneficial when dealing with small components or products with specific labelling requirements

5. Versatility

Small polythene bags are incredibly versatile. They can be used for a wide range of applications – from packaging small parts and hardware, to organising and separating items within larger containers or packages.


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Some assembly required: using more than one bag size

While small polythene bags offer numerous benefits, there are situations where using more than one bag size within your packaging strategy becomes essential – like when dealing with small components, intricate items or self-assemble products that require careful organisation.

In packaging for electronics manufacturing, small components like screws, washers and nuts, are often a fundamental part of the production process. Using small polythene bags for component separation and organisation makes these items more accessible and easily identifiable than they would be floating around in a large package.

Same goes for products that require assembly on the user-side, or come with multiple parts. Kits often consist of various components that need to be packaged separately to prevent damage while ensuring ease of assembly.

All the small things

In jewellery and crafts, small and intricate items often require specialist packaging.

Small polythene bags are ideal for preserving the fine details of delicate pieces – and combining different sizes of polythene bags allows for the separation of individual items, like chains from pendants, ensuring they remain untangled and undamaged.

Small polythene bags may seem like a little thing, but they really do have a big impact on product integrity and quality.

Choosing right-sized packaging is more important than ever for environmental responsibility. It also saves businesses money. And in the end, that fits us all best!

Small polythene bags – with big packaging performance

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