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Polythene Carpet Wrap – The Ultimate Carpet Wrapping Plastic?

On the face of it, carpet wrapping seems super simple. Roll it up, stick it in a heavy duty furniture bag – job done, right? Not exactly… You see, like everything in the world of packaging, there are details and complexities that many of us might not have considered.

For example, new carpets and rugs can be rolled, bagged and sealed up without much issue. The resulting package can be stored for however long it’s needed, ready to be sold and shipped in the factory carpet wrap when the time comes. But used carpets or antique rugs are a very different game indeed.

That’s because over the course of its life, carpet absorbs moisture – along with mould spores, bugs and who knows what else! And despite even the best attempts to clean and dry them, there will always be a trace of these contaminants in the carpet or rug. In our homes and offices, that’s not a big deal, because there’s near constant ventilation, regular hoovering and the odd spell of carpet shampooing to keep the moulds and bacteria from developing into rot.

But when it comes to storage and transit – these contaminants do become a big deal. If the carpet or rug is rolled, wrapped and sealed, there’s no ventilation at all. Moisture becomes trapped, where it’ll become a breeding ground for bugs and mould. The result? A rotten carpet.

This is especially important for carpets made of natural materials, like wool. So, let’s discuss some clever solutions to the problem of storing and moving high-value antique rugs and carpets – as well as the ultimate solution for manufacturers of new carpets.


A Persian carpet laying crumpled on a golden chair. The carpet is colourful with blues, reds, purples. The background is grey.


Carpet wrapping for old rugs and carpets

Although a genuine Persian rug bought new is not exactly a minor investment, antique Persian carpets are phenomenally valuable – with some fetching tens of millions at auction. Protecting these assets is obviously a priority for their owners, who aren’t likely to be laying them down in the family dining room. These super-valuable carpets are most likely to be stored in controlled environments and shipped in a similar fashion.

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Even for your average used rugs, wrapping them and sealing them in polythene can produce a greenhouse-like environment where mould and bugs can proliferate quite quickly, degrading the carpet. So, for normal used, old or antique rugs going into storage or long-haul transit (like for people moving overseas or international shipping), it’s recommended to give them a professional clean before rolling them loosely – and binding them tightly.

The traditional choice for binding is a paper wrap. This absorbs some moisture from within, allows some breathability and keeps dust and dirt at bay. Moisture absorbent silica gel packs can also be used within the roll, for added moisture trapping. However, paper isn’t exactly known for its strength – and the binding is easily undone or torn, causing the packaging to fail. Wrapping it in tape would simply undo the all important breathability of the packaging – and would be wasteful and annoying to boot.

Instead, a modern solution would be to use banding film as an outer packaging solution – or even a section of perforated film, that allows airflow to propagate throughout the carpet. This would keep the carpet aerated, but totally secure – and with polythene’s immense tensile strength, there’s no risk of the packaging splitting when it’s well sealed.

New carpet wrap – polythene is the ultimate solution!

Most modern rugs and large format carpets for laying are supplied rolled up, and vacuum sealed in custom polythene bags or layflat tubing. This gives full protection in transit and storage from oil spills, dirt, moisture – and can even be treated for UV protection.

Using strong polythene blends at heavy duty gauges, purpose made gusseted bags offer the ultimate level of protection for rugs – whether in warehouse storage or on their way to customers.

For variable size, yet extremely long sections of carpet, layflat tubing can be used.

Polythene is the only plastic material recommended for use as a plastic carpet wrap because it is unreactive, has no odour and is highly resistant to notching, tearing and moisture. It’s the ultimate protective layer for new carpets – and with a specialist packaging expert on your side, you’ll get the benefits of bespoke packaging design for your exact needs.

High performance carpet wrap – for storage, transit and sales

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