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All About Polythene Box Liners: Types and Uses

Transporting loose stuff from A to B usually requires some kind of bulk packaging. Boxes, open top crates, cardboard trays – these are all great, stackable units that can be filled with goods during the logistics stage.

But loosely packing items into boxes isn’t always a great solution. That’s because, while the box or tray provides the perfect unit size and distribution vessel, the product itself could become damaged, or cause damage, in transit.

Take fresh produce for example; a cardboard tray full of apples is great for filling, stacking and transporting – but what if the apples are wet, or leaking from being crushed? What if contaminants or chemicals soaked through the outer box, rendering the apples inedible?

That’s where polythene liners come in…


A closeup, natural light photo of persimmon fruits in a box, lined with a clear polythene box liner. Fruits are in varying stages of ripeness, with some orange and some green.


What are polythene box liners?

Box liners are pretty simple. They are gusseted polythene bags that have been made-to-fit for standard boxes, trays and reusable transport crates. They offer protection to products in transit from contaminants and moisture. They prevent leakage, and the contamination of other loads.

The principle is; the outer box provides mechanical protection, while the inner liner provides a moisture barrier. This protects the goods in a different way. If the goods are wet and the box is cardboard, the liner also protects the box! But they also make it easier to transfer the goods out of reusable transit crates – acting as polythene bags once they’re removed.

Another use case is coverings. Poly liners can be used to cover big, bulky items, or as an outer waterproof shell for boxes. They’re pretty versatile.

Polythene box liners come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and gauges – but they all fall under three main categories. Let’s check them out.

Types of polythene box liners

We do three main kinds of polythene liners – but anything’s possible with this material. There’s plenty of options beyond what you see here, and this just to give some indication of standards and use cases.

Box liners

Polythene box liners are normally used for cardboard, which is rigid but has cushioning properties. Box liners prevent leakages, meaning the cardboard box can be used multiple times – reducing waste and costs. On top of this, liners prevent spillages from affecting the integrity of the load, making it safer. And of course, containing leakages prevents destroying whole shipments, reducing losses.

But liners also keep contaminants out and away from the product. The polythene can be made with a wide range of colours and tints, and can be printed with text, logos, and images as further enhancements.

Dolav liners

Dolav manufactures plastic shipping crates, boxes, pallets, and collapsible box pallets. They’re popular for many applications, because they’re super strong, light, and infinitely reusable. While they’re naturally impervious to moisture and will remain strong in most normal conditions, cleaning them out in the event of a leakage or contamination is time consuming and costly.

Dolav liners add a protective barrier between the outer transport shell and the contents – and allow for a super quick transfer of products. This means the crate or box can get straight back to work elsewhere, and the goods can be quickly moved to their next stage.

Polythene tray liners

Polythene tray liners are shallow and broad – designed specifically to fit in a plastic tray or box. They are most commonly used within the food and medical industry, to prevent leakages and contamination. They are deployed in lean and time-sensitive operations, slashing cleanup times and allowing the tray to reenter the line for reuse much quicker.

Hopefully, you’ll now have everything you need to know about polythene box liners; but if you have any questions about what’s best for you, get in touch with our friendly team of experts, who’ll be glad to talk you through your options.

Our polythene liners mean business

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