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A Bespoke Furniture Specialist – Large Polythene Furniture Covers

Bespoke Furniture Retailer

A bespoke furniture specialist looking to:

  • Consolidate stock sizes
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve the presentation of packaged goods

The client was experiencing difficulties in finding a, “one size fits all” packaging solution as their bespoke sofas and chairs varied dramatically in size. They found theirselves holding large amounts of stock bags and paying a premium due to low order quantities.

NPF suggested a bespoke polythene film on a roll that could be cut down to length depending on the item being packaged. By looking at their transportation process we also adjusted the gauge of films in order to balance the protection of the goods with yield per roll.

The result was a one size fits all solution that offered a cost saving of 36%. To top it off the material was made from our 100% recycled industrial grade film, minimising the impact on the environment.